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Strong cost accounting skills and capabilities are a fundamental part of WMH Consulting's services. Our expertise has been drawn from a multitude of industries, functional disciplines, best practices, and academia. Our most basic concepts of improvement and value creation rely upon our ability to measure costs, so we view that ability as paramount to our success.

A thorough description of the cost control capabilities we bring to clients is too voluminous and dynamic to present here. However, some of our many services include:

  • Activity Based Costing / Management (ABC/M)
  • Asset management / property management
  • Cost audits
  • Cost-benefit analysis, economic analysis, business cases
  • Costing and pricing rate development
  • Cost reduction, cost avoidance, cost recovery
  • Fixed vs. variable cost analysis
  • Full absorption cost systems
  • Improving operating efficiency
  • Improved planning and budgeting processes
  • Job Order / Process / Standard Costing
  • Labor cost and efficiency analysis
  • Make vs. buy, lease vs. buy, outsourcing analysis
  • Marketing and sales costs analysis
  • Ongoing cost control, budgeting and forecasting
  • Overhead allocation systems
  • Overhead analysis
  • Physical inventories
  • Procurement costs, supplier negotiations
  • Product line and distribution channel cost analysis
  • Trends, projections, benchmarks and goal-setting

To learn more, and hear how WMH Consulting can help your organization control costs, manage expenses, and add value, contact us today.

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