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Consistent, effective, and transparent corporate governance is essential in our competitive, highly regulated marketplace. Noncompliance with the countless requirements faced by businesses today can be devastating. Not only are the financial penalties prohibitive, firms snared by noncompliance must cope with the resulting loss of reputation, customer goodwill, investor confidence, employee morale, and favorable credit rating. In summary, the consequences of corporate scandal can often overwhelm a firm's capacity to remain in business. Despite this fact, many firms remain ill-prepared to face their increasingly complex business environments.

If your organization does not already have a comprehensive corporate governance program, it is only a question of "when" and not "if" crisis will strike. Unfortunately, developing a governance program from scratch requires years of costly effort to change corporate culture, develop control systems, and train the workforce. For many organizations, a homegrown solution is simply too expensive and untimely. That is where we can help.

The WMH Consulting team has over 30 years of combined multi-functional experience at implementing and managing corporate self-governance programs in some of America's best-known, best-run companies. Our past efforts include identifying thousands of major risks, designing controls, managing corrective actions, advising management, and training staff members. Some specific areas where WMH can immediately begin helping your organization's self-governance efforts include:

Audits & Assessment
Contract Management
Document Management
Enterprise Risk Management
IT Governance (see Information Systems)
Meeting Management
Policies & Procedures
Process Measures & Controls (see Business Process Improvement)
Procurement Controls
Project Management (see Enterprise Project Management)
Sarbanes Oxley

 Contact us today and learn how WMH Consulting can help kickoff and manage all or part of your corporate governance program.

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