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WMH Consulting will add excellence and value to your operations, by helping ensure that your people, knowledge, resources, and technology are fully leveraged. We help our clients reengineer operations and systems, lower costs, increase sales and profits, simplify business processes and change corporate culture, adding both value and strategic advantage across the enterprise.

Our consulting services fall into the following categories:

However, as might be expected, none of our services is mutually exclusive. For example, it is nearly impossible to discuss our Project Management abilities without also referring to our Business Process Improvement, Turnaround, and Information Systems skills. Our consulting services are multidimensional and interdependent. The same can be said of our Resource Services, but you probably get the point.

Therefore, if you need services not explicitly addressed herein, get in touch with us anyway. For the sake of brevity, our Website may shortchange a key capability or aspect of our services that could be very important to you right now. At a minimum, we can help you define your business requirements, formulate a strategy and create an action plan. Then, even if we eventually agree that third party help is necessary for a specific need, we can help point you in the right direction.

  Management Consulting
         Business Process Improvement
         Corporate Governance
         Cost Control
         Organizational Strategy
  Information Systems
         Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
         IT Governance
         Source Selection
         Strategic Alignment
  Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
         EPM Methodologies
         Project Management Offices (PMOs)
         Project Portfolio Management
         Project & Program Management
         Training & Development
  Recruiting & Executive Search
  Interim Management
  Employment / Jobs
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