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WMH Consulting can help plan and manage your business process improvement and management initiatives. Our capabilities include:
  • Improving operating efficiency
  • Improving quality
  • Process audits
  • Documenting all or part of your business process architecture
  • Seeking a major business or process breakthrough
  • Reinventing all or part of your enterprise
  • Benchmarking against the competition
  • Identifying and implementing "best-practices"
  • Business process reengineering (BPR) initiatives
  • Developing metrics and measuring process performance
  • Preparing for ERP system implementation
  • Designing e-business capabilities
  • Working toward ISO 9000 certification
  • Planning for new products or markets
  • Improving Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Our business improvement strategies are focused on the enterprise, its operations, the organization, and a detailed investigation of your business objectives. We can quickly analyze your existing work flows, key business processes, and business process architecture, in light of your business strategy, objectives and external benchmarks. The resulting business blueprint is the critical current state ("as-is") baseline, from which changes at the enterprise, department or individual process level are engineered. From there, we will work closely with your team, identifying, quantifying, and evaluating the feasible range of potential future states ("to be"). Next, we develop the "gap analysis," which essentially measures the distance between the current and future states, and serves as the basis for your action plan. Finally, we will help you select, develop and execute that plan with superior business cases and the greatest likelihood of success. We can later measure the resulting value of your business improvement efforts, and where appropriate, suggest additional initiatives or changes to further optimize your operations.

WMH Consultants are experts in all leading Six Sigma, change management, BPR, TQM, QA, metrics development, project management, and related methodologies. We have the tools and the objective, results-driven talent necessary to make your business improvement initiatives a resounding success. Contact us today and learn more about how we can add value to your organization.

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