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WMH Consulting is a management, information systems, and project management consulting firm based in the Seattle-area. Our strength lies in the combined expertise of our team, representing many decades of professional experience. Because we are smaller than some firms, we are lean, nimble, and able to offer our clients best-in-class management solutions at competitive rates.

WMH Consulting's services fall into the following categories:
     Consulting Services
        - Management Consulting
        - Information Systems Consulting
        - Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Consulting
     Professional Resource Services
        - Recruiting & Executive Search
        - Interim Management

Industry Experience
Our industry experience includes aerospace and defense, banking, non-bank financial services, healthcare, RFID technology, smart card technologies, energy, utilities management,  telecommunications, microelectronics, semiconductors, computer hardware, software, forest products, all levels of government, public education, consulting services, and general manufacturing. For a complete, up-to-date listing, view our industry experience.

The WMH Consulting Difference
Our management experience and results-driven, hands-on problem solving style set us apart from many other consulting firms. Besides excellent knowledge in their respective fields, most of our consultants have solid management backgrounds. Many were successful entrepreneurs and C-level executives -- e.g. CAO, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CPO, CTO -- before becoming consultants. Our combined expertise spans nearly every business function, plus a wide range of industries and government. Because we are professional managers first and consultants second, we treat our clients' organizations as if they were our own, thus never losing site of our clients' priorities.

Our Style
The WMH style is professional, proactive, hands-on, and results-driven. Our experienced professionals roll up their sleeves, move in, and work closely with our clients, quickly becoming an integral part of their teams. Because we hit the ground running, we gain firsthand knowledge of our clients’ organizations, business systems, processes and requirements much quicker than other consulting firms. This enables us to get things done--fast. In short, we help maximize ROI by quickly analyzing problems, identifying root causes, and recommending optimal, best-in-class solutions tailored to our clients’ unique circumstances.

Mission & Philosophy
Our mission is to ensure that our clients’ people, processes and technology are fully leveraged to produce cross-functional business teams delivering world-class goods and services to their customers. We help clients reengineer operations and systems, lower costs, increase sales and profits, simplify business processes and change corporate culture, adding value and strategic advantage across the enterprise. We will remain a leading independent consulting firm in this region by creating excellence, empowering our team members through rewarding career opportunities and conducting our business based on trust, reliability, and the utmost integrity.

  Management Consulting
         Business Process Improvement
         Corporate Governance
         Cost Control
         Organizational Strategy
  Information Systems
         Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
         IT Governance
         Source Selection
         Strategic Alignment
  Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
         EPM Methodologies
         Project Management Offices (PMOs)
         Project Portfolio Management
         Project & Program Management
         Training & Development
  Recruiting & Executive Search
  Interim Management
  Employment / Jobs
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